Green Life Landscaping and Lighting - Foreman for Green Life Landscaping defrauded us

Not resolved

Hired green life landscaping to add a paver patio and redesign our front yard and change the Sod, this came to 7,330.00 which I paid on sept.6 2013 without ever getting a proposal or contract, *** on my part, upon settling with the Foreman Jerry he informed me that he added more plants and changed my irrigation that was not on the original price.

He stated that since he paid for these items that I should write a check to him for 470.00 , which he immediately went to my bank and cashed. When I questioned the owner Mr. Joe June about the original invoice and the additional money for Jerry, he only was aware of the original amount and wanted a copy of the check written out to Jerry. I could only supply a bank statement as the check was still listed as pending due to it being a weekend.

After a few more calls from Jerry asking us to lie to his boss so he did not get fired I sent all this to Mr. June. Today Monday sept.

9 I received emails telling me he and Jerry had it all straightened out and the amount was correct, I however requested an invoice for the 470.00 and that it be marked paid and have received nothing.I have not even mentioned the fact that I paid for 2300 SF of sod and almost 30% left on the back of the workers pickup at the end of the day, this being due to the fact Jerry failed to take the expanded flower beds into account when he measured.

Review about: Front Yard Redesign.

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